Our mission: to issue the most globally accessible and natively spendable cryptocurrency

Empowering individuals worldwide through a stable, secure and borderless digital currency.

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What is THAT?

Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, enable anyone to transfer money globally.

Other cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum, can also run code that enables people to create apps and other digital assets.

THAT can do all of the above, but it is also natively spendable at real businesses, with near-zero gas fees (a.k.a. transaction fees).

THAT targets companies and business owners by providing them with a digital currency, coupled with all the necessary application layers to support and incentivise commercial adoption, enhance business operations, and improve cash flow.

THAT is solving common issues that have hindered real-world merchant adoption. Thus, providing you with a cryptocurrency you can actually spend - natively.

The Values That Drive Our Company

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We are dedicated to creating an equitable financial ecosystem that remains open and inclusive, benefiting every participant. Our core value of inclusivity also drives us to extend our support to those less privileged.

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We are committed to redistributing power and control from central authorities to the broader community, ensuring that financial systems are not monopolised but are instead governed by and accessible to everyone.

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We prioritise the needs of our community, users and business partners, ensuring that every decision we make reflects our dedication to their welfare and success.

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We are committed to transparent and ethical practices, prioritising clear and open communication. To us, transparency is more than a business strategy; it is a fundamental commitment.

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We thrive on challenging the status quo and seeking fresh perspectives to redefine the crypto landscape. With innovation at our core, we usher in a new era of possibilities for digital currency.

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THAT actively seeks and seizes every opportunity to partner, provide resources, and collaborate with non-profit and charity organisations that are making a positive difference in the world.