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Unlock the future of finance. Create your FREE business account and join the crypto revolution!

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Create your wallet

Set up your secure crypto wallet in minutes and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with industry-leading security.

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Accept payment in THAT

Unlock profits beyond your wildest dreams. The crypto boom awaits your business.

Fully featured to enhance your business & attract new customers

Easy To Create Wallet - Cryptomatic X Webflow Template

Easily receive payment

Our user friendly app enables easy, secure and near-instant payment directly into your business wallet.

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Send And Receive Any Time - THAT

Convert to cash effortlessly, anytime

With just a few taps, our built-in exchange allows you to instantly convert your THAT to cash whenever it suits your business needs.

Send & Receive Anytime - THAT
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View charts & reports

Real-time visibility of your business transactions and growth with customisable in-app reports will be available.

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What our clients say about us

“Great app for our business”

Since signing up we've been seeing a lot of new people who haven't visited our business before.

Courtney Molloy
Oh, My Waffle

“Perfect during our quiet times”

Using THAT we've been able to draw customers during our quiet times and see our highest monthly revenues to date.

Sara Yaya
Double Zero
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“Super simple and super effective”

THAT has helped us drive huge traffic into our business. The $1 partnership promo brought us a ton of new and repeat customers.

Tim Huijs
Rustica Italia