Crypto in the real world

THAT is a real-world cryptocurrency solution that breaks the spending limitations associated with mainstream cryptocurrencies. While it shares many of the same capabilities as modern digital currencies, it is specifically tailored to facilitate real-world transactions, much like traditional fiat currency.

In line with this, THAT brings the primary advantages of government-issued currencies to the blockchain, offering low-cost transactions and widespread merchant recognition, all while maintaining the expected benefits of cryptocurrency, such as rapid, unrestricted, borderless transactions.

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THAT wallet (app)

THAT Wallet allows you to check your balance, send transactions, make purchases, and manage multiple THAT accounts from a single app.

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Account data

View your transaction history, account balance, and more.

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Merchant directory

Discover new merchants daily in the in-app directory.

Send Payments - THAT

Send payments

Make purchases and send funds with near-zero fees.

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Receive payments

Receive digital payments on the app in real time.

THAT, the wallet provider, does not hold custody of your funds. The THAT Wallet app simply offers a window to view your THAT assets and provides features and the tools necessary for easy management.

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